Indian missile drops accidentally in Pakistan

I wonder how Indian media and establishment would have reacted if a Pakistani super-sonic cruise missile would have entered Indian airspace and landed in Haryana. (To the best of my knowledge Pakistan has none.)
Most likely this was a BrahMos cruise missile first tested in 2020 in Andamans. This is a ‘fire-and-forget’ missile that cannot be launched without locking in on a fixed target. Which raises the question of why was a missile locked in on Pakistan during peacetime?
And even if there is no wish to escalate tensions on either side this incident should remind us that at the end of the day these killing machines are Machines that fail. And if this happens in a time of escalated tensions on the border or diplomatically the results would definitely be catastrophic for all.
This incident should make us demand demilitarization, resuming peace talks with Pakistan, and at least demilitarization of Kashmir – the first step towards a peaceful solution.

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